Video tutorials are short instructional movies that show you precisely how to carry out a certain task. In case you’ve never had a website and the hosting field is something absolutely new to you or if you have just changed companies and have never seen the new provider’s hosting Control Panel, such video lessons will be enormously helpful and will help you become familiar with the tool in question, not to mention the amount of time that you will spare. Without video tutorials, you would have had to either test out the separate buttons inside the Control Panel or check step-by-step help articles. Despite the fact that you can still learn how to get stuff done all on your own, it’d be substantially easier to watch an easy-to-comprehend video tutorial and then to simply abide by the directions, avoiding any chance of slipping up if a given help article isn’t sufficiently explicit.
Video Tutorials in Hosting
In case you get a hosting service through us, you’ll get access to a vast number of tutorial video clips, which we’ve compiled with the intention to make our Hepsia hosting Control Panel much easier to use. As you browse its sections, you will be able to learn how to make use of the various options that you’ll notice there merely by clicking on the video shortcut, which will always be located to the right. You can then pick a video tutorial in accordance with what you aim to do and, as long as you access the video clips from within a given section of the Control Panel, you’ll always see only relevant tutorials. In case you just would like to discover more about Hepsia and its functions, you can access the entire video collection using the link, which is located at the bottom of the page and see first-hand all the features that we’ve integrated into the Control Panel.
Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Hosting
In case you’ve never opened a web hosting account until now or you have switched to a semi-dedicated hosting service from us and you are uncertain about how to perform a specific task, you should have a look at our comprehensive Hepsia Control Panel-incorporated video tutorial archive, which will help you control each and every aspect of the hosting service and, even if you possess no past experience at all, you will be able to perform procedures such as selecting another PHP version for your account, exporting a database or creating an electronic mailing list in a seamless manner. As soon as you open a certain section of the Control Panel, you will be able to watch all the tutorial videos that are applicable to the functions available inside that section. Additionally, you can browse all the videos that we have made if you are intending to further fortify your understanding of the web hosting service in general, as we have educative videos as well. You will see the link to the video archive at the bottom of your Control Panel.